Dallas based rockers BROKENRAIL deliver another sonic rock treasure in their third release, Beautiful Chaos, the first upon signing with long running indie powerhouse Cleopatra Records. Back at the production helm is top producer Joseph McQueen (As I Lay Dying, Bad Wolves). “We’ve been working with Joseph now for 8 years” relates frontman Blake Clawson. “We recorded the previous album “’til Death Do Us Part” in the same studio in 2013 which went on to win Rock / Hard Rock “Album of the Year” at the 2019 Independent Music Awards. Joseph and our videographer Alan Collins have known each other for years. They’ve been doing monumental things in the industry across the country and we love them being a part of our team. We all work together perfectly!”

BROKENRAIL have seen their music placed on ESPN, NBC Sports and MMA’s World Series of Fighting, have taken home the top honor of Rock / Hard Rock “Album of the Year” at the 2019 Independent Music Awards (IMAs) in New York City for their 2018 album ‘Til Death Do Us Part’, as well as several other nominations across the board and have amassed a legitimate social media presence equaling – even bettering – bands’ with “much bigger careers.”

For BROKENRAIL frontman, Blake Clawson it all comes down to hard work and determination. “I think what really sets us apart is our ability to constantly find a way to step forward regardless of what hand we’re dealt. Time and time again we’ve had situations that would end most bands. We’ve all been in the trenches together for years now and I think it astonishes people how close we are because of it. We’re truly family. Our perseverance though is our greatest asset and is the key that continues to lead us to one success after another.” 

The band started tracking Beautiful Chaos in early January of 2020 at Sparrow Sound but showed up four days early so they could bring in New Year’s in the City of Angels. “Between The Rainbow and The Viper Room out in Hollywood it was certainly a night! We also had our good friend Michael out in LA take us out on some amazing adventures from rooftop bars, the Santa Monica boardwalk, the Edison downtown. Amazing times for sure! We also went out to NAMM after we finished the record where we met with some great industry reps and spent time with our label reps. We finished the night back at The Rainbow to celebrate the completion of the album. Another great night!” However, not everything was constant wine and roses for certain members of the quintet. “Dave and I got very sick about halfway in                                                                                                                                                          and halted recording for almost 5 days. That was brutal. Had to have plenty of bedrest and fight some hoarseness on some of the songs to finish the vocals. It all turned out great though in the end.”

“When it came time to record Beautiful Chaos, we went in with a million times more professionalism than on our first two albums,” Blake recollects. “Just knowing the process and what to expect made everything flow better in the studio. We had actually preproduced the entire album and went in pretty much knowing the general layout of each song on the record. All of this made for such an easier process than the last time. If we wouldn’t have gotten sick, we would’ve completed the album 5-6 days early!” 

Michael Levine – also playing for Tommy Vext (Bad Wolves, VEXT) – laid down the drum parts for the two most recent music videos from Beautiful Chaos. “I met Blake through a mutual friend and videographer Alan Collins. He spoke very highly of the band and pitched the opportunity to be in a music video with them. I jumped on the chance and played drums on the videos for both “The Haunted” and “California.” I’m very excited to see the band grow and redefine the active rock genre!” says Levine who has played for bands American Sin, Falling in Reverse, Sound and Shape.

Each member of BROKENRAIL brings a different colour to the final picture and that diversification is strongly reflected on Beautiful Chaos.  Title track “Beautiful Chaos” kicks the album off setting the tone blending all the elements they bring to the table. “That one’s best listened to with that volume knob on 10!” assures Clawson. “California” sees the band heading for a mainstream crowd but with a solid kick, while both “Creatures” and “The Haunted” bring out BROKENRAIL’s metalcore side and “Demon in Disguise” bridges the gap between them with hard riffs and fierce vocals but then adds a big, clean chorus to top it all off. 

If you like your metal loaded with a mixed bag of influences all set to stun then look no further than your new active rock sensations, BROKENRAIL.

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