Cherry Troopers

A neon bolt through dim alleys, a heart-colored flash in the soulless streets, Cherry Troopers rip through dystopia. With tales of secret rebels and cosmic quests, this power trio of unsung heroes bring a fearless collision of epic rock and synthwave’s seductive glitter to a world sunk in apathetic darkness. 

Vanya: The romantic rebel philosopher on vocals and guitar

Alex: A bassist with classical chops who explores the edge of tech and the mathematics of melody

Ksenia: The beating heart of the Troopers, unexpected master of underground rhythms and moves

Dystopias, from Orwell to Ridley Scott to Suzanne Collins’ Panem, are really about the battle of good and evil, when good is the underdog. Cherry Troopers, a trio of skillful, pop-fluent musicians from Moscow, create synthwave-infused, rock-ready tales that tackle this fight, whether it’s raging in the streets, in space, or in your heart.

The trio–Vanya (guitar, vocals, programming, music, lyrics), Alex (bass), and Ksenia (drums)–runs as tightly as Rush, Queen, or any other complex classic rock band, but with the dark bite of Muse and the anthemic retro rush of Gunship or Lazerhawk. Inside every hook-heavy track, however, lies a story, one that weaves into the next to create a world of the band’s own.

Cherry Troopers’ retro-futurist world evolved naturally from the sounds they encountered as kids. Vanya spent time learning Pink Floyd and other classic rock with his dad. Alex mixed serious classical piano training–he still counts Rachmaninoff and Tschaikovsky as influences–and a love of rock and electronic music. Ksenia stumbled across a drumset in a garage and fell madly in love, teaching herself to play, joining indie bands. She eventually became a sought-after session player who toured in Russia.

The group came together when Vanya and Alex’s high school band fell apart. The two friends kept making music in improvised home studios, rehearsing, jamming, and eventually writing songs they wanted to share. Alex’s fascination with the mathematics of music, as well as his love of programming and building his own tech, collided productively with Vanya’s wide ranging musical and lyrical interests. With Ksenia giving it all drive and more than a dash of hard rock, Cherry Troopers’ debut tracks burst with stylish twists and turns and plenty of emotion.

There’s a balance of neon-bright and darker tones. “Some songs from the beginning had a negative energy and mood,” Vanya explains. “But often our lyrics try to give hope in the middle of something bad, something to fight for.” While facing darkness head on, there’s more to Cherry Troopers’ songs than gloom and doom – hope. “In most dystopias, the heroes come to understand that what they’re experiencing isn’t normal and that they need to fight for change,” reflects Alex. “You have the possibility to change things even in the context of that horrible dystopia. It develops your imagination and you develop new parts of yourself.”

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