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Eagles Vs Drones made up of five individual members :-

Mark Vincent    –  Vocals
Nathan Peach    –   Guitar
Richard Owen   –  Guitar
Mark Hamon     –  Bass
Simon Harrison  –  Drums

We have been part of the Eagles Vs Drones brotherhood since the arrival of our last member in 2015 (Mark Hamon), the other four members had known each other since 2000 as musical paths cross and bring likeminded metal heads together, With the arrival of mark, the musical limitations lifted, we sped up progress on the material we had been working on to the point where it developed a certain depth and groove we seemed to lack with previous members, within a year we had started to record our self titled debut album Eagles Vs Drones.

The album release was received by many as a “must have piece of 90s nostalgia”, for a while we wondered what to make of that statement, but as we heard it so much coming back from various reviews, we started to realise that it was a great honour and people were loving that it was triggering memories of a time when music was created solely with the mission of creating what comes naturally, rather than jumping on current trends of squeezing into a pair of skinny black jeans, ripping the sleeves off a perfectly good t-shirt.

Thanks to Spotify, Deezer, Itunes and so on, we have been proud to have our music reach a worldwide audience and played on radio stations across the nations from USA to Denmark and all in-between. Our shows continue to take us further into the bucket list territory with festival appearances with the likes of Reef and Razorlight, Eagles vs Drones wish to expand on those experiences with a professional attitude and put on a great show.

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