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Not much happens in east middle earth. The hobbits snooze and the dwarves shy away in their caves, once a year the greatest rock festival happens. Where the east meets the west where once the monsters of rock were plugged in are now digitised and downloaded. For more than 15 years Eddie had been visiting his local Rock Festival, harvesting inspiration and acquiring a particular proclivity for the distorted sound waves of rock. Unbeknownst to him, his future wife and band founder Char would be attending Download Festival every year he had. Together since 2018, Derby, UK EATW Debut album comes out June 25th 2021 Eddie & The Wolves have seen success in such a small amount of time, playing packed out gigs up and down the country and supporting the likes of Razorlight, Reef, Slade and Arielle. Playing to huge crowds at festivals including Y-Not, The Eyes Have It Fest, September Fest, Ey Up Mi Duck, Music In the Park and many more. Also finding a solid audience playing at race tracks to bikers and car lovers, including Silverstone, MotoGP and Formula 1 and Donington Park for their big track events. 

The Band: Eddie – The Alpha Wolf – Guitar & Vocals Eddie grew up with a keen taste in rock music, mainly passed down from his hippy turned house-wife mum. Eddie’s mother was an attendee of the first Glastonbury festival, and saw the likes of Hendrix, Clapton and The Beatles in their hayday. After procuring the game guitar hero, Eddie quickly moved on to learning the real thing on his brothers beaten up squire strat. Being in the band – one of the most important features of my life. Playing live is a high I will never get tired of. The trust and friendship in the band means a huge amount to me. 

Char Saffell – The Luna Wolf – vocals & percussion How it started – My first gig was Martin Joseph, the storytelling nature of his songwriting touched me. I got my first guitar at 12 and just started writing songs on it. I also loved Katy Perry’s earliest album “One of the boys”- it was a heartbreaking emotive album that happened to coincide with my first teenage heartbreak, and I was compelled to start writing songs about my own experiences. Growing up I listened to a lot of Black Sabbath, Rush, Queen, Iron Maiden etc and it was those bands that helped me find my love for rock and roll. All of these muses came together to concrete my perfect storm of thrashing guitars and emotive storytelling lyrics. Currently listening to- Tash Sultana, Slipknot, Brother and Bones, Billie Eilish, Atilla. (A vast mix of genres if you’ve ever seen one!) Being in the band – I initially used to just help out with content creation and ferrying the boys here and there so they could sink some beers, but I started laying some harmonies and vocals down and it just went from there. I love being a part of something so special. 

Liam Foster – The Delta Wolf – Drums & Cowbell I remember going to see the incredible film School of Rock when I was younger and there was a scene where all the kids had to get their shit together. There was a Ramones song playing and then a shot of Keith Moon and his exploding drums and at that moment my nipples got hard and blood ran to my loins like never before and I can remember thinking, I wanna do that shit. Inspirations: The Mars Volta, Biffy Clryo, Prince, Rival Sons, Queens of the Stone Age. Being in the band is a load of fun! Having the freedom to create things with some incredibly talented people, bouncing ideas off each other and creating something completely your own. Hell yeah you know it’s cool I work as a drum teacher which is the most rewarding job I can imagine. Taking the thing I’m most passionate about and being able to pass that on to others is such a good feeling. So anyone reading this who wants to learn your favourite EATW songs, hit me up. 

Kieran Harris – The Omega Wolf – Bass Player How it started – Bass playing was something that I just kind of fell into. When I was 13 my friend wanted to start a band (you know, one of ‘those’ bands), and I was rather reluctantly pushed into learning tracks in his room on an old two string acoustic. Playing didn’t come naturally at first, but I didn’t give up, and fourteen years later it still remains one of my most beloved hobbies. Inspirations – The Cure, Queen, The Who, Rage Against the Machine, Joy Division, Queens of the Stone Age. Being in the band – Prior to this March, being in the band really was the highlight of my week. I loved meeting up during the week to jam around with new ideas, and at the weekend it was always great fun to play in front of new audiences and just hang out and have a beer. Things have been tough, but I can’t wait to get out there again and show some of the new material that we have been sitting on for almost a year now! Other – Outside of music I would say that writing and gaming are my biggest passions. I work as a senior editor for a video gaming website, which for me, is the perfect blend of the two. I’m also a HUGE lover of cats and coffee (you know, the two most important things in life)

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