Embryonic Autopsy

Embryonic Autopsy:

Tim King: Vocals And Esophagus Bellows

Scott Roberts: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards

Arnaud Krakowka: Drums

Embryonic Autopsy is a brutal old school death metal band focused on bringing back

the style that made the Death Metal genre so popular back in the early ‘90s. Blazing

guitars, guttural vocals, and lightning fast drumming the way Death Metal was meant to


The band includes a powerhouse of seasoned extreme metal veterans. Featuring the

return of Tim King from technical death metal pioneers Oppressor on vocals. Former

Otep guitarist Scott Roberts covers guitars, bass, and keyboards. Critically acclaimed

drummer Arnaud Krakowka rounds out the project with his unique style of vicious blast

beats and mid tempo hooks.

Embryonic Autopsy’s debut album “Prophecies of the conjoined” is available through

Massacre Records on special digi-pak, vinyl, and all digital outlets worldwide. The

album was produced and mixed by Scott Roberts alongside additional mixing duties by

Ulrich Wild (Dethklok, Pantera).

The album features numerous guest appearances with a signature solo on the track

“Cauterized Womb Impalement” by the legendary James Murphy (testament, death,

obituary, disincarnate). This is James’s first guest appearance solo on a song in nearly

a decade. Also contributing a signature style guest solo on the song “Regurgitated and

Reprocessed” is none other that Suffocation’s own Terrance Hobbs along with another

shredding lead on “Cannibalized By Octuplets” by God Forbid’s Doc Coyle. And

rounding out the guest line up is guitar virtuoso Justin James on “Upon The Mayan


With a host of gore inspired lyrics and song titles, this release will be sure to to pique

the interest of all the horror and gore loving depraved minds.

According to Vocalist Tim King: “Scott told me he had and album’s worth of songs

written and wondered if I’d want to write some lyrics and sing on them. I decided to dust

off the pipes and see what I still had after 2 decades of Oppressor being broken up.”

King also talks about the lyrical concept for the album. “I drew a lot of lyrical inspiration

from today’s ever growing genetic technology. I also really got into the theories of the

Egyptian and Mayan ancient civilizations having been possibly influenced by alien

technology. Those concepts really fascinate me, so I thought it would be interesting to

take all of that and make a lyrical story out of it. I figured all animal/human life begins

from an embryo and develops from there. So the songs engage those beginning stages

of life and tell a story of gene splicing and the mixing alien and human DNA gone

terribly wrong. It’s basically a sci-fi horror movie concept album.”

Scott Roberts elaborates: “I’ve always been a huge fan of death metal. Music has

become kind of stale these days, and I wanted to go back to the old school when I felt

the aggression and the time of it all. Tim told me about the concept he had for the band

from a lyrical standpoint and I just loved it because I’m fascinated by those same view

points as well. It was a perfect match for what I was looking for. I’m proud of what we

have done so far and I have many more song ideas in mind for the future”.

“Prophecies Of The Conjoined” is a concept album based on the theory of aliens visiting 

and helping to teach the Egyptian and Mayan cultures by furthering their technology. It 

would not be until centuries later that a spaceship crash in Roswell, New Mexico, would 

give scientists actual life forms to study. The DNA of these alien life forms were 

combined with human DNA to create alien/human hybrids. Although successfully 

spliced and kept alive, these hybrids were abominations of nature and soon turned 

against humanity.

From a musical standpoint, the album features some of the most intense and 

uncompromising extreme music following in the footsteps of the legendary 

predecessors that made the death metal genre the most extreme form of music on the 


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Embryonic Autopsy UK PR Information 

Contact: Martin Dunning

Email Address: martin@bespokemediapr.com

Web Address: https://bespokemediapr.com

Phone Number: 07854012968

Location Westfield Road Burton-On-Trent DE13 0TL Phone 07854012968 Email martin@bespokemediapr.com Hours Monday 9am-5pm Tuesday 9am-5pm Wednesday 9am-5pm Thursday 9am-5pm Friday 9am-5pm
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