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Fall From Ruin – Sympathy 

Fall From Ruin female fronted rock band from Swindon release their brand new single Sympathy. With its hard hitting sound, excellent guitar riffs and powerful lyrics Sympathy is one of those tracks that gets you addicted to hit repeat and play it time after time. 

Single Information

Sympathy is about going out on the town having fun and hooking up with someone but not wanting to hear about them or their life or problems.  You just wanna hit it and run.

Band Bio

Fall From Ruin emerged in 2016 in Swindon, Wiltshire, with guitarist and song writer Mike Pasby having a dream of putting together a hard rock band like nothing seen from this part of the country for at least 25 years. The aim was to take the songs written, and put together a live show not to be forgotten, with a focus on outstanding performance.

Mike met with his mate Ajay, former bassist in his originals band(The Damned and the Dirty) on a weekly basis to write songs and record rough demos with the aim of enticing other talent to the band. These demos then got played to Mikes drummer friend Sam Bailey in an attempt to encourage him into joining the band. Mike was aware of Sams playing ability and experience as he had been in bands since the age of 14 and playing drums since the age of 12.

Sam answered his call.

Fall From Ruin began to take shape, but with no bass player, it wasn’t going to work. Sam kept his finger on the pulse and spoke to many bass players.

Eventually Dan Heath was the one who answered the call and most definitely fit the bill. Dan joined Fall From Ruin and the four started on the journey of writing great tunes. 

After a few sessions, the sound of the band was starting to form, a few male singers were tried but things didn’t pan out. Due to other commitments Ajay decided to leave the band. Luckily the owner of the studio being used by the band, Jason Sidebottom, offered his services as the replacement guitarist. 

After several vocal try outs Sam and Mike decided to take on the vocals themselves. Fall From Ruin played as a 4 piece for about a year until Jason left the band, and carried on as a 3 piece for best part of 6 months and into the start of 2018. 


Another singer search was in need as the dynamic of the band just wasn’t the same. In Feb 2018 Adam Plant joined the band on vocals and fronted the stage until May 2019, when Dan Heath shortly after also decided to call time.

This project was far from over as Mike wanted to keep going, and the two rode strong into the next chapter of the band. 

June/July 2019 saw the whole search process start again, and due to recommendation, Alicia Griffin was invited for a try out. Loving the tone and her ability to take the music to a completely different level, the band thought to be fools as to not offer her the position.

The search for a bassist was stepped up by the three, but to no avail. With some forward-thinking, Sam bought the idea to the guitarist and bassist from his cover band Flaming Moes to fill the void. From November onwards things had finally started progressing.

Alan Connolly, with a guitar playing career spanning 3 decades and a rake of different bands under his belt, decided it was a great move and rocked up as second guitarist.

The final piece of the puzzle would be put in place shortly after, with power house and outstanding Bass player Mr Andrew Paul Davies of Longshaddow Fame joining.

The Band Has now been together in its current form for a year and with the first three singles recorded and released there is only one way for Fall From Ruin… Up!!

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Fall From Ruin UK PR:

Contact: Martin Dunning

Email Address: martin@bespokemediapr.com

Web Address: https://bespokemediapr.com

Phone Number: 07854012968

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