FMA + 12 Gage

FMA + 12 Gage are a multi-award-winning father and son rap duo from Preston. Made up of Matthew and Callum Bennett, the project initially began in 2013 as a way of helping Callum’s confidence but snowballed into something that neither of them could have predicted. Their music is built around creative lyrics and tightly woven, imaginative dual vocals. Combining the aggression of metal and the verbal skills of hip-hop with the energy of youth and the experience of age, they create hybrid songs that are a fusion of high energy rap, electronic, metal and dance music.

FMA + 12 Gage are a glimpse of reality in a world of insanity. They don’t write about money, drugs or women, they write about the darkness inside their minds.

They are an act unlike any other…

“The father and son of unholy flows spit with a unique, roughly-hewn, Prestonian intensity”

Tom O’Boyle – Metal Hammer

“So talented, an absolutely breathtaking performance”

Anna Kennedy OBE

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FMA + 12 Gage UK PR Information

Contact: Martin Dunning

Email Address:

Web Address:

Phone Number: 07854012968

Location Westfield Road Burton-On-Trent DE13 0TL Phone 07854012968 Email Hours Monday 9am-5pm Tuesday 9am-5pm Wednesday 9am-5pm Thursday 9am-5pm Friday 9am-5pm
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