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I sat there on several nights listening to the riffs and thought about how robotic it sounded, I can almost hear it like envisaging the scifi production line dropping the manufactured humans from the clasp rails in a factory. That’s where the lyrical content started coming together and I just stripped it back from the notes in my mind, to the basic thoughts of where we are now in life and the fact that what we’re seeing in politics and the world is almost unreal to everyone not just me. So then I added in the concept of the Album concept of having our ancestors return to earth and taking over in a human form, dropping the tenticles from the artwork, they are still our gods we look up to even down here. So what if the purpose of what’s happening is a good one, if they can drive us enough towards looking to each other rather than blaming everything else for our own wrong doing, putting a fool in charge can only leave us thinking it can’t possibly be them that rules the earth, we do think that.

So in that I put that message almost like of the star of David but this one is ‘Polaris’ the brightest star, i.e. we should be looking further than faith too but we should always remember to look up, because it’s not until we do that we notice that we are nothing compared to what could be out there.

We’re upset with our own wrong doing and many people can’t see it, that’s where the ‘rain comes down & noone can see you cry’ part comes from, a measure against the elements again we are nothing without those things around us. So it really does not matter who’s in charge, who’s doing what & that’s why we are strange, we need sense to make sense also in the lyric. So it’s a little deep and there’s so much more to it but I do like to leave a little bit of it for you to work out, are they with us or are they not with us, would be lunatics to think so or would we be surprised?







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