Lion At The Gate

Los Angeles, California based band Lions At The Gate, featuring ex-members of Machine Head, Ill Niño, Westfield Massacre, and Silence The Messenger, proves that new horizons can always be climbed. 

The band formed in late 2019, with a new lease on creativity and determination. Lions At The Gate is led by acclaimed vocalist Cristian Machado, Diego Verduzco, Ahrue Luster, Stephen Brewer, and Fernando Lemus. Moving on from prior projects, the band’s musical foundation quickly began to form its own identity while expanding upon familiar territory. Having quickly attracted the ear of producer Kile Odell (Fozzy, Motionless In White, Cane Hill, Shaman’s Harvest, Through Fire) the band began recording their monster debut album summer of 2020. 

Lions At The Gate’s debut single “Not Even Human” will be available everywhere June 4th 2021.

Cristian Machado – Vocals 

Ahrue Lustre – Guitar

Diego Verduzco – Guitar

Stephen Brewer – Bass

Fernando Lemus – Drums

Lions At The Gate Socials

Lions At The Gate UK PR Information 

Contact: Martin Dunning 

Email Address: 

Web Address:

Phone Number: 07854012968

Location Westfield Road Burton-On-Trent DE13 0TL Phone 07854012968 Email Hours Monday 9am-5pm Tuesday 9am-5pm Wednesday 9am-5pm Thursday 9am-5pm Friday 9am-5pm
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