Realms – Original Sin Release

Doncaster metalcore band Realms have released their first single off their latest ep Burn The Orchard. Original Sin is the first single to be released since the bands debut EP Echo Chamber released in 2017.

Single Information:

Original Sin was the lead single from the EP and was released ahead of the EP with a music video. The song lyrically is based around political themes. It’s one of the heavier songs Realms has released with visceral screaming throughout the song sprinkled with harmonious, catchy vocals in the chorus. The song is fast paced and unrelenting in it’s approach with the aim of being angry and energetic.

Band Bio:

Realms are a post hardcore band hailing from Yorkshire. They were formed in 2016 by vocalist Karl Lauder, guitarist Matt Shore, guitarist Jonny Fore, drummer Jed Cooke and bassist Jordan Ness.

Realms are heavily influenced by the emo and post hardcore scene of the noughties that soundtracked their teenage years. You can hear inspiration from bands such as Funeral for a Friend, Underoath, Glassjaw, Killswitch Engage, alexisonfire and Silverstein in their music.

Realms released an EP called Echo Chamber in 2017 to fan and critical acclaim. With a DIY attitude deeply engrained into the band Realms recorded this EP in a friends bedroom but still achieved the production quality of a professional release.

Realms began cutting their teeth on the local scene after the release of Echo Chamber and toured the EP extensively around the country.

Realms put everything they had learned from their previous EP and from playing shows into writing a follow up to Echo Chamber called Burn the Orchard. This was recorded in 2019 and released in March 2020.

Realms had a clearer vision for this new EP. They wanted to expand on the sound they had crafted for themselves on Echo Chamber and wanted to be more open to risks and incorporating more, unexpected influences into their sound.

Realms believe they achieved this with Burn the Orchard as it has been well received with fans and critics and is so far performing well on streaming services.

Realms planned to hit the road following the drop of Burn the Orchard to support its release however this has been postponed due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

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Realms PR Information:

Contact: Martin Dunning

Email Address: 

Web Address: 

Phone Number: 07854012968

Location Westfield Road Burton-On-Trent DE13 0TL Phone 07854012968 Email Hours Monday 9am-5pm Tuesday 9am-5pm Wednesday 9am-5pm Thursday 9am-5pm Friday 9am-5pm
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