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Realms 5 Piece Metal Band From Doncaster

Karl Lauder – Vocals
Matt Shore – Guitar
Jonny Ford – Guitar
Jed Cooke – Drums
Jamie Mitchell – Bass

Realms have been playing music together since 2016. The band had already been working on material before the lineup was fully formed so once the final members joined the band they could get out gigging as soon as possible.

Each member of the band brings different influences to the mixing pot when it comes to writing material. Jed is heavily influenced by technical metal drumming, Matt draws from melodic post hardcore bands when writing lead guitar, Jonny brings chugging metalcore riffs to the table and Karl’s vocal provide a unique, angry voice to the songs which would usually be more associated with a hardcore band.

When the band started writing together as a full lineup the material improved drastically. With the experience of past music behind them and a wider array of ideas the new songs brought a more refined, confident sound. The band knew exactly what they wanted to bring to the scene, a contrast of heavy and melodic songs that stood out from the crowd and were reminiscent of the music they loved growing up while keeping up with contemporary sounds as well.

Realms have played shows around Yorkshire and beyond. They have distributed their EP ‘Echo Chamber’ through Spotify, Apple Music, etc. and have had it streamed around the world. They have released a music video for their song ‘Hung. Drawn. Quartered.’ The EP was positively received by critics who often referred to its professionally sounding production, the quality of the writing and the energy that is radiated through the performance. Critics often compared the sound of Realms to bands such as Killswitch Engage, Atreyu, Funeral for a Friend and Underoath.

Realms are currently writing and recording a second EP which are hoping will push their exposure to the next level, building their fan base and getting them more gigging opportunities.

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PR / Management On Track Media UK

Contact: Martin Dunning



Tel: 07854012968

Location Westfield Road Burton-On-Trent DE13 0TL Phone 07854012968 Email Hours Monday 9am-5pm Tuesday 9am-5pm Wednesday 9am-5pm Thursday 9am-5pm Friday 9am-5pm
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