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Hot on the heels of the release of 2020’s “The Sin That Saves You” via Pavement Entertainment, Salem’s Childe is roaring into 2021 with the force of a major storm. Releasing an album during a pandemic meant that touring and playing shows to support it couldn’t happen, but the band found other ways to keep working and moving forward, from shooting and releasing multiple music videos and short “making of the record” videos to starting the writing and demoing process on new music for their next release. They also took the opportunity to hit the studio and record their take on a 90’s classic, Sponge’s “Plowed”. “We’ve been playing ‘Plowed’ in our set for a while now,” says guitarist Rob Salem. “It’s one of those iconic songs that everyone knows and is fun to play. We thought it’d be fun to take it in the studio and give it our own spin. It can be tough to do a cover justice—everything that makes the song great is in the original, and it was important to us not to take away from or lose the integrity of the original tune while finding a way to still make it ours. So we beefed it up a little and made small changes that we hope carry the spirit of the original while giving it a fresh take. It’s really an homage to a time and sound that is part of our musical roots. And of course, it’s topically relevant, which speaks to the timelessness of the song itself.” Looking ahead, the band is keeping an eye on the horizon and what 2021 has to offer. “Ideally, we’d like to get out and tour and do some festival shows,” says bassist James Gates. “We couldn’t get out and play behind the album when it released due to the pandemic, and while we got some much-appreciated radio play across the country, we’re one of those bands that we think really finds our audience when we’re on stage. As things start opening up, we’re watching for show and tour opportunities that are right for us, and hopeful that we can get out in front of audiences this fall. In the meantime, we’ve started putting together ideas and early demos of new material, so if we can’t get out and play, we may find ourselves back at Bang Recording with producer John Hehman once the new tunes are ready.”

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Phone Number: 07854012968

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